The Calm Beefore the Swarm

After that exhausting 200 metres at Pond Forge last Sunday, see January 4, 2015, (although as readers may recognise my spot was not quite as exhausting as our Master Apiarist’s) there was no hive of swimming activity on my return, as I was rather buzzy at work. In fact it took until Saturday afternoon beefore I finally made […]

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How hard can that be?

What are you doing the first Sunday in the New Year? enquired our Masters Swimming Officer. I’m not sure how it happened but clearly the force is strong with Sharon Lock as she employed her Jedi mind trick skills on me and before I knew it there I was getting up at 5:30 am to drive to […]

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A mile a day?

Hello there and welcome to my first blog on this new site. You can still scoot over to where my last 4 years of aquatic efforts are maintained in their original digital glory, until I can figure out how to migrate them to this site, but for the moment it is technically beyond me. Now […]

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