Aargh that bloody Test Set……

Consett Masters session was cancelled this afternoon so it was off to Newcastle Masters (with a bit of encouragement from Peter French) to be faced with one of His Majesty’s sessions, yet again I was successful in choosing a session which contained a test set….aargh. My last visit to Newcastle earlier this year had resulted […]

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Enter the 3rd Edward’s Sibling

I turned up at the public Masters session at Stanley this evening (Thursday night, I’m more than a bit dilatory with my blogging at the moment) not quite the first time this year but almost.  It was pretty busy, previously 9 -12 swimmers would be a good turn out,  but this evening there were around 20 […]

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The Binge is Back

The Road to Kazan Starts Here (hopefully). There’s more than a touch of Deja Vu about this post, as I think I’ve been here before. Well actually I know I’ve been here before, (see 2014 comeback)  As you can see from this post on my old blog there’s just something about May bank holiday weekend […]

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