Keen to exploit yesterday’s enthusiasm I headed up to Consett for the Masters session this lunchtime. I was stopped in my tracks by the receptionist who advised me that there was “no club on”, sadly my good intentions were dashed by the curse of the “diddy league” Drat and double drat, what’s a girl to do? […]

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It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, especially because there’s been no swimming, well actually if I’m being honest there’s been plenty of swimming it’s just that in true Binge style I haven’t done any. Things are a bit quiet at home because I am also currently Teenage Triathleteless having inflicted her on some good friends […]

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Road Trip Day 2 Warm up in A&E

Had an interesting start to day 2 of the British Masters, TT felt seriously unwell so at 12:30 am I found myself walking into the A & E department of Manchester Royal Infirmary. Witching hour! The 4 hour marathon of mind bending monotony was periodically allieviated by chats with a triage sister, a nurse who […]

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Billy No Mates (and Kate)

Whatever it was that made the guys wimp out of Wednesday’s session then it was still having an effect today as I turned up to swim this afternoon and found myself as the sole representative of Masters swimming. In fact there wasn’t even many kids in, probably preferred to be outside on a glorious afternoon […]

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Girls Winners Guys Wusses

For the 3rd time in 4 days I made it to the pool to suffer yet another one of EMSC 1.0’s sessions. It is probably a combination of my encroaching old age and the initial stirrings of mad cow disease but I can’t for the life of me remember the details of what we swam. I […]

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