Binge’s adventures abroad Day 1

Ok admit it you’d never even heard of Kazan (or even the Republic of Tatarstan) until FINA in its infinite wisdom chose to award the 2015 World Swimming Championships to this Russian City. So another World Champs comes around and I just can’t resist the urge to pack my Speedo bag, compete in unchartered Bingeswimming […]

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Saturday Shopping and Swimming

Teenage Triathlete returned to our shores on Tuesday and needed me (or more precisely my credit card) to go shopping yesterday afternoon. This meant that I had to opt for the earlier Ryton Tri session rather than the Durham session I had been visiting over recent weeks. I was moved out of the top lane when a bunch […]

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Wednesday Wipe Out

Ever had one of those swim sessions when you know that no matter what you try it’s going to be pants? Well on Wednesday I made it home around 6:40pm and was humming and harring as to whether or not I wanted to swim at 8pm when I noticed on Facebook that the session had […]

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