Truly The World’s Gone Mad

As if Brexit, Trump, Oscargate, and the sacking of Claudio Ranieri wasn’t enough Nic Latty, sent me a screen shot of the current British Decathlon rankings. And there it was, proof positive that the World truly has gone mad! Because much to my astonishment nestling at number 5, was the Bingeswimmer no less and she was not […]

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Getting ahead of ourselves.

With the February Fitness Challenge almost finished I’m beginning to think ahead (I know that is the most unbingelike thing) and more specifically how I can keep this streak going. I don’t mean swimming everyday or even swimming over 25k per week but a bit of consistency would probably make me feel much better. One […]

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Imperial Challenge Almost Complete

A monster session at Durham this afternoon/evening, with the Tri club and the swimming “bizzies” Dave and Geoff. The two of them have this Saturday master plan to swim 3k in the first hour of this session, you might remember that I  mentioned this fact  a couple of weeks ago. (I think it’s some secret Iron Man […]

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Final Friday…I’m in Love

Ooh this trial is close to the end, only 4 more days left of my mini binge! and I’m creeping ever closer to that 100,000 metres mark, thanks to a trip to Newcastle Masters “Saddo” session, I mean who else goes swimming at 8:30pm on a Friday night? I realise that I’ve wittered on about this […]

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Binge’s Late Last Lap

The start of the last week of the infernal February Fitness Challenge; by now of course every fibre of my body is hurting and the only thing keeping me going is the fact that I only have 6 days left, although trying to cover 24k in less than a week is a little daunting. Today’s […]

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Binge Swimmer Pain in the A* **

After yesterday’s “broken woman” gym session I found myself hobbling around the office with my glutes screaming, it didn’t get any better when I dropped in for a swim this evening. Each time I tumbled and pushed off the wall I suffered an exquisite pain in my derriere. I was literally living up to my reputation as a proverbial pain in […]

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February Fitness Challenge Day 20

The pressure’s on if I want to break 100,000 metres for the month, I’ve only got 8 days left and whilst I’m confident (barring emergencies and accidents) that I can  break the 100,000 yard mark, converting that to a metric measure might just be a bridge to far. I might need to start looking for an extra […]

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Road Trip Blackpool

Oops just in case anyone was  wondering the challenge is still on. A couple of swims in the public session at Consett on Friday and Saturday brought my monthly total to 58,500 and kept me on track for the swimming every day during February. I’ve fallen behind with the blogging because of a busy weekend. […]

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