Quantum Leap (in pain)

Now when this blog appeared on another channel there was a tendency to whinge about the fact that Evil Mutant Swim Coach 1.0 had a bit of a fixation about giving us 100’s on a Sunday; for example this one this one  and this one to name three! So I rock up at training this afternoon to find that after Dryday Friday […]

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Mad March Begins

Not satisified with swimming every day last month, I’ve kept going…swimming yesterday and this evening. I’m planning a dry day tomorrow because my 10 day gym session hiatus is due to come to an end. Oh dear I know this is going to hurt! But this evening’s session was really enjoyable, the one and only Madame […]

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February Fitness Finished

I know that you’ve all (that is the 4 people including my mum who actually read this waffle) have been on tenterhooks to learn whether Binge completed her challenge and swam every day in February, as I had some stuff to prep for work this week so I haven’t been able to update the blog. Well the […]

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