24 Down 4 to go

Binge’s blogging intentions didn’t last very long did they? (a matter of three days to be exact) but she has kept up the swimming lark and completed a pretty solid 27,250 metres this week. So the February Fitness Challenge is still on track and barring accidents and adverse weather interventions it looks as if it […]

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Monday Gym n Swim day

So an average Monday for Binge Swimmer has evolved to be that bit in between a pair of exquisitely painful bookends of exercise. Commencing at 7:15 am with a PT session; (essentially 45 minutes of weird and whacky ways to inflict pain upon yourself) and finishing off at 9pm after a Consett Public Masters Session. […]

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New Evil Mutant Swim Coach

I mentioned yesterday about my transition to the Dark Side, well since the last time I swam at Newcastle (sometime last September or thereabouts) they’ve had a coaching reshuffle. Sadly no more Evil Mutant Swim Coach 8.0 (demoted to one of the kid’s squads) but more interestingly for the first time in my swimming career […]

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Binge a Journey to the Dark Side

It may, or more likely, it may not, have come to your attention, that the Bingeswimmer has been dark for a while, (well almost 14 months if you’ve been counting). For the few of you who care, I can confirm that she is still alive and kicking (although her kick remains absolutely pants) and is […]

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