Introducing the Binge Swimmer

This Blog started life in 2010 here the aim was and still is to provide inspiration (and hopefully some amusement) for all of you aspiring Masters swimmers out there, as I try to catalogue the continuing quest of my alter ego “the Binge Swimmer” to take swimming seriously, (but of course not too seriously ) despite being regularly derailed by the simplest trials in life.

Binge Swimmer’s challenge for 2017 has a familiar and rather unoriginal ring to it, having failed miserably in 2012, crashed and burned in 2013, and 2014 and missed by a country mile in 2015 and 2016, Binge’s aim for 2017 is unsurprisingly; To swim the equivalent of a mile a day, (that’s a little under 590,000 metres for the metrically challenged amongst you).

The format is pretty simple “I swim therefore I blog” so Binge will endeavour to record every metre in every swim session she completes and you can follow (and smile at) her struggles with the everyday life events that conspire to derail her training efforts throughout the year.

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