Introducing the Binge Swimmer

This Blog started life in 2010 here, the aim was and still is to provide inspiration (and hopefully some amusement) for all of you aspiring Masters swimmers out there, as I try to catalogue the continuing struggle of my alter ego “the Binge Swimmer” to take swimming seriously, (but of course not too seriously ) despite being regularly derailed by the simplest trials in life.

The initial challenge for the Binge Swimmer was to cover half a million metres in 2011, amazingly I succeeded. (celebratory blog.). So smugly declaring “I’ve cracked this swimming and blogging lark what’s next?”  I plumped for what seemed a modest increase to 587,000 metres in 2012. That’s the equivalent of swimming a mile a day.

How hard can that be? ….well somewhere between “bloody” and “very” as I spent the next 5 years struggling to crack that daily magical mile challenge! until….a huge effort in early 2017 topped off with a chlorine saturated December, (featuring the Christmas challenge set,) allowed me to finally cross that particular quest off and look for something new for 2018.

The more astute reader will have noticed that 2018 was a write off so far as both swimming and blogging were concerned, but I’m determined that with the additional motivation of a new age group 2019 will produce a return to both the pool and cyberspace.

The format is pretty simple “I swim therefore I blog” so Binge will endeavour to record every metre in every swim session she completes and you can follow (and smile at) her struggles with the everyday life events that conspire to derail her training efforts throughout the year.

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