The Friday Session

HRH EMSC 7.0 gets into the swing of a Lurve Session

To try and claw back some yardage I travelled over to Newcastle for their Saddo session (i.e. for people who have nothing better to do at 8:30 on a Friday evening).

HRH Evil Mutant Swim Coach 7.0 was in fine form and we were joined by other minor majesty in the form of East Leeds’ swimstar Julie “Royal”, fresh from setting her 200m backstroke Euro record at the GB’s. Julie was in the north east to visit her parents, it was great to catch up on her news and gossip.

Of course having noticed the background muzak on Sunday see here I was acutely aware of this evening’s offerings, which turned out to be a “Lurve hour”. I’d love to say that HRH EMSC 7.0 entered into the spirit of things, showing love to his swimmers but sadly that was not the case.

Capitalising on the rather fetching disco attire, he produced an inventive session which was fiendishly complicated and contained some dreaded “quality work”, although in my case this turned out to be “low quality work”. Happily the illuminated 50 was not the number of repeats in the session.

iTunesA combination of Friday night fizzle out and creeping senility meant that I couldn’t for the life of me remember what we did, but I reckoned I covered around 2.2k. Not sure what it says about my taste in music or my age but my iTunes on shuffle could easily have produced the Lurve hour….. with the single exception of Robbie Williams……

My catch up with HRH Julie was regrettably cut short by a telephone call from my forlorn husband asking where I was, because he’s spent the last 2 hours sitting in the car outside our house locked out. It was somehow my fault that he’d given his key to a builder!

  • 2200 after a 1300 warm up which was an assortment of 300 sadly I can’t remember what we did

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