february fitness challenge

Well hello there, it’s been a while, and I’m betting that thanks to the pandemic most of you have had your own first hand experience of Binge Swimming and maybe, just maybe you are contemplating signing up to the school of inconsistent mediocracy exemplified by Binge and chronicled on these pages.. well welcome to my […]

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24 Down 4 to go

Binge’s blogging intentions didn’t last very long did they? (a matter of three days to be exact) but she has kept up the swimming lark and completed a pretty solid 27,250 metres this week. So the February Fitness Challenge is still on track and barring accidents and adverse weather interventions it looks as if it […]

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Monday Gym n Swim day

So an average Monday for Binge Swimmer has evolved to be that bit in between a pair of exquisitely painful bookends of exercise. Commencing at 7:15 am with a PT session; (essentially 45 minutes of weird and whacky ways to inflict pain upon yourself) and finishing off at 9pm after a Consett Public Masters Session. […]

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New Evil Mutant Swim Coach

I mentioned yesterday about my transition to the Dark Side, well since the last time I swam at Newcastle (sometime last September or thereabouts) they’ve had a coaching reshuffle. Sadly no more Evil Mutant Swim Coach 8.0 (demoted to one of the kid’s squads) but more interestingly for the first time in my swimming career […]

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Binge a Journey to the Dark Side

It may, or more likely, it may not, have come to your attention, that the Bingeswimmer has been dark for a while, (well almost 14 months if you’ve been counting). For the few of you who care, I can confirm that she is still alive and kicking (although her kick remains absolutely pants) and is […]

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Five Thousand Friday Finale

So at 4:15 this afternoon I clocked up five thousand seven hundred metres to finally complete my mile a day challenge …. it’s only taken me six years to crack. The last few sessions this week were definitely “billy no mates specials” unimaginative yardage garbage designed to simply crunch through the metres. Today was almost […]

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Just Keep Swimming

So I had to make do with a morning session today, as we’ve more guests due this afternoon, never one for an early start, I arrived at the pool at around 10:15 just as they were taking the lane ropes out. The pool  was much more busy than last night with around 12 other women, […]

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Homage to Budapest

Having survived the ravages of the Christmas season, including my stint cooking Christmas dinner for 12,  a houseful of guests and three nieces and nephews under 10, I escaped this evening to catch the late public swim session at Consett. As I parked up in the Leisure Centre at 6:30pm the place was deserted, it’s […]

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The Christmas Challenge Set

“On the 11th day of Christmas my swim coach gave to me one hundred hundreds”…..so half way through this mega set I found myself wondering how I ever thought this was a good idea. The answer to this is for the last 5 years I have been striving to swim 587,000 odd metres which is […]

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