Billy No Mates

Consett pool  ripThe last Sunday session at Consett pool, and it went out more with a whimper than a bang as I was the only Master who turned up. I had a lane to myself and chased the kids, (who were way faster than me,) through the set at the bottom of this post.

I did feel quite satisfied with the progression of the sprints although I can”t quite believe that I am saying I’m happy with the fact that I swam a series of 66’s and most of them were over 60. That’s really pants but I guess it’s all relative to my current level of fitness.

otterSteve Bratt (Otter Swim Coach) (that’s Otter swimming club not the cute little furry creatures) recommended  some swimming technique video’s on Facebook yesterday. Now I am the first to admit that I have the worlds slowest tumbles so I spent the session concentrating on my turns and trying not to lift my head as I approached the wall to tumble.

It all felt a bit strange and meant that I wasn’t quite as close to the wall as I needed to be, but it’s probably easier to shave time off at my age by honing my technique rather then trying to improve my fitness level.

I couldn’t in all honesty do the accelerating into the wall, or the not breathing in the first and last 5 metres, which were two other technique pointers. That’s for next time!

  • 400 Warm up as
  • 2 x 66 swim, 66 pull, 66 kick
  • Main Set
  • 4 x 133’s @ 2.30 steady, long stroke
  • 2 x 66’s @ 1.30 sprint long stroke  62.61.
  • 3 x 133’s @ 2.30 steady. long stroke
  • 4 x 66’s @ 1:30 sprint long stroke,
  • 2 x 133’s @ 2.30 steady, long stroke
  • 6 x 66’s @ 1.30 sprint long stroke
  • 1 x 133 @ 2.30 steady, long stroke
  • 5 x 66’s @ 1.30 sprint*.58
  • 266 swim down
  • 3000 Total

* this was a mistake because I thought it was the last one!

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