A mile a day?

New Year

Hello there and welcome to my first blog on this new site. You can still scoot over to bingeswimming.blogspot.co.uk where my last 4 years of aquatic efforts are maintained in their original digital glory, until I can figure out how to migrate them to this site, but for the moment it is technically beyond me.

Now I’m sure you are all bursting to know what’s been going on in Binge’s world? In short, not a lot of swimming, although it was far from a dry Christmas break and culminated in a thoroughly civilised, champagne quaffing New Year’s Eve in the company of the usual suspects; Judo, Sumo, and Mr and Mrs Fairy Snow Baby and the two Fairy Snow babies, not to mention Bob and Teenage Triathlete. New Years Eve

After this depravity (which included being comprehensively thrashed on a PS3 by an 8 year old!)  I really needed some fresh air, so TT and I headed for the Northumbrian coast and spent a pleasant hour or so on New Year’s day walking along the beach at Bamburgh in an effort to blow the cobwebs away.


It was pretty wild and we were thoroughly windswept and dewebbed by the time we eventually found shelter in the Copper Kettle Tea Rooms where I can thoroughly recommend the toasted teacake!

Now it may have crept into your consciousness that I’ve neglected to swim since the Nationals and therefore I seriously need a swimming binge to get back into the habit. Holidays over I started back to work on Friday and was planning to swing by Consett pool for an 8am dip, but sadly gale force winds had blown the roof off the pool! I couldn’t make this up could I? and perhaps not quite what I have in mind when I talk about open water swimming.

So, my first dip of the year found me at a very subdued Triathlon session on Saturday afternoon, there was only about 10 of us turned out for it and I spent a measured 90 minutes in the company of Kay. We worked our way through this little set and would have finished the whole lot quite comfortably except we stopped to gossip before the last 400 and therefore only managed 300 before the pool staff kicked us out.

Warm Up

  1. 100 as 25 swim, 25 drill, 25 kick/scull, 25 swim @ 10s RI
  2. 200 as 50 swim, 50 drill, 50 kick/scull, 50 swim @ 15s RI
  3. 300 as 75 swim, 75 drill, 75 kick/scull, 75 swim @ 20s RI
  4. 400 as 100 swim, 100 drill, 100 kick/scull, 100 swim
  5. 8 x 25’s @ 10 s RI Hard up the pool, easy drill (finger trail) down the pool

Main Set

  1. 400 free steady @ 30 s RI
  2. 4 x 50’s @ 10s RI
  3. 300 free steady @ 30 s RI
  4. 4 x 50’s @ 10s RI4 x 50’s @ 10s RI
  5. 200 free steady @ 30 s RI
  6. 4 x 50’s @ 10s RI
  7. 300 free steady @ 30 s RI
  8. 4 x 50’s @ 10s RI
  9. 300 free steady @ 30 s RI*

Session Total  3500 metres

* this should have been 400 but we ran out of time.

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