How hard can that be?

Ponds ForgeWhat are you doing the first Sunday in the New Year? enquired our Masters Swimming Officer. I’m not sure how it happened but clearly the force is strong with Sharon Lock as she employed her Jedi mind trick skills on me and before I knew it there I was getting up at 5:30 am to drive to Sheffield for a “photoshoot”.

Somewhat surprisingly when I mentioned this plan to my ever supportive family, it brought howls of derision and hysteria. (Can’t think why)

Anyway the shoot was for some promotional material for the Masters Web Site. and the brief was to bring your work gear so we could show what a diverse lot we are as Masters swimmers. I turned up with a suit, gown and tabs and a couple of old text books.Photo shoot

The catch was, we were to be photographed underwater by the supremely talented Simon Wright of GBSwimstars.  Having agreed to this madness I hadn’t given a thought to how difficult it would be, but have you ever tried to stand upright 6 inches below the surface fully clothed?

Wow it was difficult, and I had an easy ride compared to Keith in full beekeeping regalia complete with hat and wellies, Graham Short ( and his microscope and stethoscope or James with a radiator!Keith

Not quite sure how this will all turn out but it was a great laugh and quite imaginative.

Although I could’ve had a good half hour or so training in true Binge style I managed a mere 200m.

Which takes the 2015 total to 3700 metres.

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