Billy No Mates (and Kate)

Kazan 8
The Road To Kazan Week 5

Whatever it was that made the guys wimp out of Wednesday’s session then it was still having an effect today as I turned up to swim this afternoon and found myself as the sole representative of Masters swimming.

In fact there wasn’t even many kids in, probably preferred to be outside on a glorious afternoon rather than inside the pool.

Because of the lack of swimmers generally Trainee Nurse Kate was excused from her pool side duties and dropped in to keep me company.

EMSC 1.0 suggested that we could have a lane each, but I always find it’s much easier to swim behind someone, even if they’re miles faster than you, then to lead the lane, so I stuck to trying to hang on to Kate’s feet (rather unsuccessfully if you must know!)

The New Pool Taking Shape
The New Consett Pool Taking Shape

The session was sparking some vague memories and it seemed to me that there may have been some similarity between what we were swimming on Wednesday evening and what we did today, (far be it for me to accuse EMSC of lacking in imagination) but I still can’t for the life of me remember what Wednesday’s session was.

No such problem with this afternoon though, and no 100’s again (see here and here ) except the thought did cross my mind that we are all eagerly awaiting the opening of a new pool in Consett, slated for the middle of July.

It’s a 25 metre pool and I think maybe in his brain EMSC has already migrated there and he’s setting us loads of 4’s so we can practice counting them for when we get hit with the Sunday Hundreds set in the new pool.

  • Warm UP
  • 200 swim, 133 pull, 66 kick
  • Main Set
  • 6 x 133 @ 2:30 steady
  • 2 x 66 @ 1:10 hard
  • 4 x 133 @ 2:30 steady
  • 4 x 66 @ 1:20 hard
  • 2 x 133 @ 2:30 steady
  • 6 x 66 @ 1:30 hard
  • Swim Down
  • 233 swim down
  • 3033 Total

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