Saturday Session Super Sprint Showdown

kazan 11I suppose the title to this post is a bit misleading as I’m not really sure it was a “Super” sprint (I’m just addicted to alliteration) and it definitely was not in Florent’s class (but it gives me a great excuse to post this picture).

The Road to Kazan Week 10
The Road to Kazan Week 10

The background to this is that I somehow ended up in the fastest lane in the Tri session at Durham yesterday afternoon and found myself swimming side by side with one of them ( a triathlete) for the final set of 25’s and I was just killing myself to stay ahead of him.

It was pretty nip and tuck between us but I figured I won the series 4 : 2 (not a particulalry impartial assessment mind you) thank goodness there were only six of them as I was completely done in.

Oh yes and thanks very much to coach Ian who suggested I should give bit more in the last 10 metres! Give a bit more! Does he know how old and decrepit I am? Should I call him evil mutant swim coach 9.0 or simply just evil mutant sadist 1.0. That was absolutely beyond the pale.

Kazan 14 days to departure
Kazan 14 days to departure

It had been an interesting session as the lane was led by one of them (a different triathlete) whose devotion to swimming aids was noteworthy, he was sporting huge swimming paddles for the whole of the session and matching tape on his ankle and calves.

I couldn’t really work out what was going on there and finally figured it must be a triathlete thing.

Sadly training for this year’s World Masters has been rubbish and rather sporadic. I am resigned to the fact that anything I do now is going to be too little too late.

The latest addition to the Sandbagging fraternity
The latest addition to the Sandbagging fraternity

However one of the surprise  bonuses of the meet was revealed this week when the heat sheets were published  and in keeping with the sprinting theme of today’s post the awesome Alexander Popov is down to swim (even if he’s only seeded 30th in he 50m freestyle.

I somehow can’t believe that he’ll end up swimming the 27.00 he’s entered on. Obviously he’s been reading my blog and has borrowed some ideas from the Binge playbook and can’t quite decided if he’s  going to be a sandbagger or a bingeswimmer.

I’ll keep you posted.

  • Warm Up
  • 800
  • Main Set
  • 3 x 100 @ 1:50
  • 2 x 100 @  2:00
  • 3 x 100 @ 1:50
  • 2 x 100 @ 2:00 broken @ 50 for 10
  • 3 x 100 @ 1:50
  • 2 x 100 @ 2:20 broken @ 25 for 10
  • 3 x 100 @ 1:50
  • 6 x 25 @ 50 sprint
  • Swim Down
  • 50
  • 2800 metres

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