Seven go wild in Kazan

6 of the 7 go wild in Kazan (Lynne, Amanda, Esther, Binge, Joan & DI)

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away the Binge Swimmer used to enjoy the challenge of a 200m Breaststroke, in fact my PB in the event (2:47) was probably the most satisfying swim I have ever had, (mind that was nearly 30 years ago).

IMG_3153Of course 200m breaststroke is not for the faint hearted and I’m not really sure why I continue to enter it at these events because I know it’s going to hurt and be horrible but I am if nothing else a creature of habit and I simply fill in the 200 breaststroke entry without the thought “50 free might be a bit easier” even entering my brain.

The understated presentation
The understated presentation

I was in an outside lane and sadly it lived up to my expectations, any solace I felt at the 75 mark because I was ahead of Pat Reilly, evaporated as she surged past me and left me gnashing at her ankles for the last 50.

I was in so much pain I didn’t notice the game of cat and mouse being played between Amanda and Esther as they duked it out for the gold medal. Anyway racing all completed I finished my swim down (a massive 200m) and then made my way to the stands to support my team mates Lynne and Jade.

DSC00651[3]The irrepresible Jade Perry stopped talking long enough to win a bronze medal in the 100 back and I ended up on first name terms with her mum and dad who were on holiday in France, as I gave them a running commentary through her presentation ceremony on a Skype call. I’m not too sure they could see the tiny 2 millimetre figure but I think they caught the ambience of the occasion.

Our last night in Kazan and the three of us made for an Italian on Bauman Street which had denied Lynne and I entry earlier in the week.

Binge with her priorities right!
Binge with her priorities right!

We were in luck this time as there were loads of seats outside, snagging a table I made for the bathroom and returned to discover we’d been joined by the Spencer sisters Amanda, Esther, Joan and Di.

We ordered our meal and the first thing that arrived (after the beer) was the pasta, half way through that my minestrone arrived closely followed by a plate of chips not really sure if the Russians have the hang of courses.

Princess Perry
Princess Perry

After eating we wandered down Bauman street enjoying the sunshine, Saturday evening crowds and sights. Including Jade giving us her best princess Perry impression.

Lynne and I mentioned we’d managed to navigate our way back to the Gulag on the Metro and a tram and this sounded like a great wheeze for the rest of the gang.

IMG_3160So the seven us who by now were in that really silly, loud giggly phase (and you should bear in mind that our combined ages were 396!) made our way underground and spent the entire journey in hysterics, much to the bemusement of the locals.

DSC00661[1]I’m not really sure that the locals approved of our constant need to take photos and stagger around the place but we had a great time. The end of a fantastic week which totally exceeded my expectations!


  • 600 warm up
  • 200 breast bleagh time
  • 200 swim down

2 thoughts on “Seven go wild in Kazan

  1. Fantastic. So pleased Jade shared it with us to read. We live in France by the way. Great going by you all. And again Thank you for helping us see Jade swim.
    From Jade’s Mum Sheila.


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