Road Trip Day 2….Introducing yet another toosmartwatch

vivosmarthrof081-650x434(Thursday 7th January ) double session I have mentioned on previous occasions that I do have a bit of a tendency towards gadgets (usually purchased by Bob as a Christmas present) and have written about Toosmartwatch and Son of Toosmartwatch here and here.

Well a malfunctioning  chest strap and lack of any incentive meant that Son of Toosmartwatch has been retired to be replaced with a new toy to play with in the pool… A Garmin Vivosmart HR.

IMG_0235The original toosmartwatches went by technical and unassuming names such as Polar FT80, but this thing brags about how clever it is in its name.

It is also really a lifestyle tracker and I think I am all too familiar with the bad habits that contribute to my very unhealthy lifestyle; but it’s something more to obsess about and I quite like the little congratulatory buzz on the wrist when I walk up my 10th flight of steps for the day or achieve some other Garmin induced goal.

The heart rate monitoring seems reasonably accurate but the tracking of distance swam seemed to be a little off, and does the calorie count mean I can have 3 extra Magnums?

The device proved to be good company during todays session which sadly was not 8000 metres but I did achieve my elevated pulse rate goal.

Here’s both of today’s sessions… swum at an almost glacial pace.



and (although didn’t have the energy to climb out and dive in…..)


To take today’s total to 7900 metres

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