Road Trip Day 3 Binge outlives lifestyle tracker.

IMG_0472Friday 8th January.. A really heavy couple of swims today interspersed with some quality time on a sunbed.

Sadly not only did yesterday’s effort, a whopping 7900 metres; take its toll on Binge today, it finished off the Toosmart toosmartwatch… Which died in the middle of this morning’s session….

Clearly it doesn’t expect seriously unfit middle aged women to complete such lengthy periods of exercise. My claim to fame now is I’ve outlived a fitness tracker…

IMG_0238I was taking it easier today and adjusted EMSC 4.0’s sessions to suit, I decided that if the pool shut at 6pm and I made it to the pool for 4:50pm I would be ejected before I had a time to complete the session, not my fault right?  Which took todays total to 6300 and my Lanzarote total to 17,200 metres.




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