Road Trip Day 5 – Bye bye Billy No Mates

Sunday 10th January.  My Billy No Mates status would come to an end today as Judo and Sumo were due to join us later this afternoon, I wasn’t sure that they would make it prior to today’s sessions so I ploughed on in my splendid isolation.


Sunday evening’s session brought some company in the form of Kookie, who had swung past after a trip to Teguise market (as you do) and popped up in the next lane to me (it’s a small world where swimmers are concerned).

Rather predictably we spent 30 minutes hanging off the lane ropes chatting and catching up before we settled back into the remnants of my session; 200 repeats interspersed by the two of us bemoaning the fact that we were now very old and very slow and reliving past times…2:45’s for 200’s rather than the current 3:45’s.

session 8

12469658_10153851916007629_5692003897851451205_oWhilst this was a welcome diversion it had a devastating effect on my productivity as you can see, but it’s clearly better than what she went home to.


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