Road Trip Day 4 (Sort of ) A Rest Day

IMG_0239Saturday 9th January – A pleasant surprise as I flipped through the pile of schedules lovingly prepared by EMSC 4.0, today (or at least this morning) was to be a rest day and I can’t say I don’t need it. My swimming might not be very good but at the moment I could sleep for England.

My last day before company arrives in the form of Judo and Sumo.

Deploying my new tactic of arriving at the pool pretty late for the evening session, I was shocked when a really officious security guard turned up at the pool side at 5:54pm and cleared the pool a whole 6 minutes before it was meant to shut.

In all the years I’ve been here I’ve never experienced a security guard throw his weight around like a Durham Constabulary bizzie, I was quite shocked and I’m planning n commenting about it on the feed back form at the end of the trip….

God I really know how to make a point don’t I, anyway this rather premature evacuation deprived me of a whole 300 metres or so.. I suppose even taking this into account I was never going to make the 3400 EMSC 4.0 had planned for me.

Session 6.png


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