The Road to London: 25 days out “top” puller?

IMG_0353After a rather uninspiring start to the training camp, from a weather point of view anyway; the first full day kicked off with brilliant sunshine, a decent cup of coffee and a leisurely stroll to the pool to arrive in time for….. a pre swim  stretching session!

It all started so well with a lovely pull set which even included some paddle work.   Ah Binge’s forte… I’m not sure if there’s any other context in the world where I would be claiming to be “Queen of Pulling” but I pretty much smashed it.

Did I mention how wonderfully polite and considerate my fellow swimmers were, we could spend all afternoon hanging at the end saying “after you”, “no after you”, “oh I insist”.

Well, the 100 single arm fly  in the warm up produced another show of astonishing reticence, to lead the lane (amongst a group of swimmers who I may add are all of a similar standard and more than competent ability,) Oh for God’s sake! it’s only a 100.

It produced a rather predictable response from Binge, and the first proper expletive with a ” for F’s sake” as I pushed off.

Now my prowess in butterfly is summed up pretty succinctly in this post from 2012 I can confirm it hasn’t improved any but I was  keen to get this party started, and get on to the pull.

a1dbd9c9e6947c5ee468d9dd662af308It felt like I was flying through the main set and I was really enjoying it, and as you can see from the annotations Coach Butler was responsive to the feedback from his swimmers and carefully adapting the session to fit in with the needs of his charges.

Wow this is brilliant! A coach that pays attention to what you’re doing. Does he know that the aim of coach education is to wring every iota of compassion and sensitivity from them and replace it with a serious sadistic streak? Maybe he missed those lectures?

You just know that my admiration for Coach Butler is not going to last and this is all going to go horribly wrong. The first indication came in his use of the word “hard” in the swim down, this produced a raised eyebrow from Binge, as the words “hard” and “swim down” in my book are mutually exclusive. But hey it was only the first 15 metres of each 50 so I could forgive him this aberration.

IMG_0357You can see from this that the other shoe dropped this afternoon.


(Even if it was 400 pace, and I didn’t hit my times I was still swimming significantly faster than my usual plod pace)

In fact I was feeling quite smug after the main set as I’d upped the pace and Lindsay ( who I thought was called Louise) and I were working pretty well together at the front of the lane.

But then the words “Threshold set” fell from his lips. To be met immediately  with an involuntary  and entirely spontaneous invitation for him to F… Off. I couldn’t help myself it just popped out there. The handwritten comments say it all really,  I just wimped out of the rest of the set having covered 7600 metres for the day .





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