Saturday 15th July Budapest 30 days out, is it too late to start training?

30 days to Budapest and 800 agony

A bit of a panic going on as I realise that I’ll be in Budapest in 4 weeks time.  There’s also this little matter of training as somewhat predictably I haven’t been in the water since last Sunday.

Compared with previous championships I have done a bit of training this year but it’s never enough is it? Determined to make at least one session this week I made my way to Durham for the Saturday Tri work out, and it lived up to it’s name….very trying….

BudapestI do however  have a new Saturday training buddy, which made it all a bit more bearable. The boy bizzies, Geoff and Dave (instigators of the lets do 3K in an hour gang) have copped out (actually I think they’re both injured) and they’ve been usurped by Fiona, an anaesthetist at the local hospital.  Unconsciously or not, she was up for my suggestion that we tried out 3.6k as 6 x 600’s on 1:45 per 100 pace and there was nothing sleepy about her performance as we worked our way through that and then some to complete quite an impressive 6.2k.

Now I can’t remember the last time I’ve covered 6k in training in this country but I think I’ll need it because I discovered this week that the rest of my training is in jeopardy as Consett will shut down for the summer this coming week. So I’ve got about a week to come up with a plan.

Or maybe I’ll just start my taper….

Saturday 15th July Durham Trip session

1 x 600 @ 10:30 pull
2 x 300 @ 5:15 pull
3 x 200 @ 3:30 pull
4 x 150 @ 2:37.5 pull
6 x 100 @ 1:45 pull
12 x 50 @ 55

set 2
25 @ 10s RI
50 @ 10s RI
75 @ 10s RI
100 @ 10s RI
125 @ 10s RI
150 @ 10s RI
175 @ 10s RI
200 @ 10s RI
225 @ 10s RI
250 @ 10s RI
275 @ 10s RI

set 3
200 @10s RI 25 swim 25 drill
2 x 100 @ 15s RI build pace through set
4 x 50 @ 30s RI hard
200 @10s 25 RI swim 25 drill
2 x 100 @ 15s RI build pace through set

Total 6250  metres

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