Sunday 16th July When the going gets tough the tough go shopping.

Budapest 29 days to 800 agony

I was determined to keep the swimming up but Teenage Triathlete is back and I found myself being persuaded to take her shopping. The only problem was m Sunday swim session was right slap bang in the middle of prime retail therapy time…..

What’s a Bingeswimmer to do? Well it was Fenwick’s last day of sale and I did receive a friends and family discount card in the post so my session with Consett was clearly out the window.

lzuUybCABut in a demonstration of how dedicated to the cause I am, I got up early and eschewing my usual Sunday morning lie in watching Andrew Marr, (yes I know I am a crushing bore) made my way to the pool for a shortish swim in the public lanes.

The pool was fairly busy but there were only 4 head up breaststrokers in the two lanes. I selected the widest lane (easier to pass people), dropped in and started to swim freestyle.

When we were joined by a triathlete, (you know the type, oversized Garmin, Ironman Tatt, and Aquasphere goggles) who also swam front crawl, the breaststrokers duly obliged by moving into the other lane… victory.

Mission accomplished even including a smidgeon of Breaststroke and a chance for some serious shopping…..

Warm up
1000 meters 25 swim 25 drill (catch up)

5 x 200 @ 3:30 pull progressive
4 x 50 @75 breast kick
1 x 100 breast hard
2 x 50 breast hard
350 mixed stroke swim down

2750 metres


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