The Calm Beefore the Swarm

BeeAfter that exhausting 200 metres at Pond Forge last Sunday, see January 4, 2015, (although as readers may recognise my spot was not quite as exhausting as our Master Apiarist’s) there was no hive of swimming activity on my return, as I was rather buzzy at work.

In fact it took until Saturday afternoon beefore I finally made a beeline to the pool for the afternoon’s triathlon swarming session. Ok I’ll beehive myself and stop droning on.

BingeNow I was fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the results of the ASA photoshoot sent to me on Friday; and whilst the results may not be particularly complimentary (mine especially), they are funny and striking images and a bit different from the usual selfies which may proliferate on this page.

Sadly they are embargoed so I can’t share them for the time beeing (sorry couldn’t quite resist that) but In a moment of vanity-insanity mine is set as the screen saver on my phone.

Anyway back to the main point of this blog my latest swim. You will have realised that January has had a fairly leisurely start and my training lacks a bit of (well actually any) urgency so I was predictably late escaping from the house.

ponds forge synchroI wasn’t particularly phased by this tardiness as I was confident that the typical triathlon trait of “farting about” on the pool side before they get in would save the day. I arrived about 10 minutes late and true to form by the time I made it to the end of the lane I had only missed 100 metres of the warm up.

In a marked change from last week the lane was pretty busy with 6 of us working our way through this little tester! As you might have guessed it was the one bloke amongst us who skived off early. We might’ve managed a bit of a swim down but for a rather officious pool attendant who tried to  put us out just before our last 50! Causing a rather heated exchange and resulting in no swim down.

Warm Up

  1. 150 free
  2. 150 drill, 50 kick, 50 swim
  3. 150 kick, 50 swim 50 drill

Main Set (3 sets of No 1 and 2 pull, no 3 swim)

  1. 400 Free @ 7:20
  2. 200 Free @ 3:40
  3. 100 Free @ 2:00
  4. 50 Free @ 70

Final Set

  1. 8 x 50 25 kick hard, 25 swim easy
  2. 8 x 50 25 sprint, 25 swim easy

3800 Metres Session

7,500 metres Annual Total

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