Swim along if you feel like a pool without a roof!

Consett PoolThe return to swimming with Consett Masters was delayed by the gale force winds lifting the roof (or part of it) off the pool over the New Year, sadly the damage was not quite as bad as we had hoped for and it was up and running by last Monday (12th January).

Pharell’s lyrics did give me a title and an excuse to pull an open air photograph from the summer for this blog post, but sadly the similarities between Club La Santa and Consett end there, although the blue sky’s pretty impressive in this photo.

I had been hoping for an extended break from Consett pool, (there’s something way worse about swimming in a 33 metre pool isn’t there?) so filled with fear and dread I dragged myself (accompanied by Teenage Triathlete) to the session.

Obviously word of the concluded repair hadn’t really circulated amongst the Consett Posse as there where only 6 of us turned out. I joined Clarkie (the little one ) and TT obviously up for a challenge dropped in with Proudie and Micky the Fish.

TT gamely went off like a rocket behind them, but then an extended period of non training (like mother like daughter) caught up with her, and so did I!) To say we were all grumpy about being there was rather an understatement but we finished the session and despite my misgivings I was left with that satisfied feeling that I’d achieved something (even if it was at a very slow pace!)

Warm up

  1. 400 as 66 swim, 66 pull, 66 kick

Main Set

  1. 400 swim @ 7 mins
  2. 133 swim steady
  3. 2 x 300 @ 5:15
  4. 133 pull
  5. 3 x 200 @ 4:00
  6. 133, 66 kick 66 pull
  7. 4 x 100 @ 2:00
  8. 133 pull
  9. 6 x 66 @ 1:20
  10. 166, 133 kick 33 swim

Total 3500 metres


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