First Test Set of 2015

Photo shootI made a real mistake in opting for the Ryton Tri session on Saturday 17th January, as I wandered onto the pool side to be faced with a timed 800 free, bleargh. EMSC 4.0 really knows how to dish it out, anyway a fairly feeble effort at 12:50 really exposing my lack of fitness.

As you can tell by the date this post was published (a mere three weeks after the event) my lack of blogging is also being exposed so I’m having to frantically negotiate a blogging back log particularly as I’m now 25% through the Fenruary Fitness Challenge so there’s a shed load of gossip and swimming to come.

Warm Up

  1. 10 x 100 @ 2 mins
  2. 10 x 25’s sprint 1-5 @ 20s RI 6 – 10 @ 10s RI

Time Trial

  1. 800 Timed swim 12:50

Main Set

  1. 200 free @ 40s RI
  2. 2 x 100 free @ 20s RI
  3. 4 x 50’s @ 10s RI
  4. 8 x 25’s @ 5s RI
  5. 4 x 50’s @ 10s RI
  6. 2 x 100 @ 20s RI
  7. 200

Swim Down

  1. 250

Total 3900 metres

Annual Total  20,500 metres

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