The Road to Kazan (A First Tesco Set)

Kazan 2In an effort to get this swimming show on the road, I snatched 40 minutes water time in my local pool over lunch time. There was no lane ropes and the pool contained the usual lunch time lappers coupled with a couple of sets of grandparents with toddlers in arm bands. I studied the throng trying to work out where I could slot in and ultimately plumped for a spot between two fittish looking guys who were tearing up and down.

Not a smart move, as they obviously took umbrage at a fat middle aged woman muscling into their space, and started to try and out swim me. I quite enjoyed stretching out and trying to effortlessly glide past them, or at least trying to convey the impression that I was effortlessly gliding when I was really having to grit my teeth and push on. Fortunately after 300 metres of this brinkmanship they recognised it was a lost cause and melted away. I must say I was more than a little relieved.

Not a bad session for a lunch time, and of course “every little helps”

  • 400 free alternate swim, drill
  • 12 x 100 pull @ 1:55
  • 200 swim down
  • 1800 metres total

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