Road Trip Day 2 Warm up in A&E

Picture by Alex Whitehead/ - 11/06/2015 - Rugby League - First Utility Super League - Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers - Headingley Carnegie Stadium, Leeds, England -
Promoting London 2016 from left to right Jane Asher, Sharon Lock, Helen Gorman, Tom Chambers CEO of London 2016, Michelle Matson, Geoff Stokes, Binge Eddie Riach & Lizzie Bellinger Picture by Alex Whitehead/ – 12/06/2015 

Had an interesting start to day 2 of the British Masters, TT felt seriously unwell so at 12:30 am I found myself walking into the A & E department of Manchester Royal Infirmary. Witching hour!

The 4 hour marathon of mind bending monotony was periodically allieviated by chats with a triage sister, a nurse who took samples and inserted a cannula into TT’s arm and finally a doctor:

Not to mention the usual flotsam and jetsom of life who drift through our casualty departments each weekend; specifically a very drunken shoeless female carried in by a bloke who then proceeded to deposit the contents of her stomach over the floor, and a rather aggressive looking bloke supervised by 4 bizzies who to a man failed miserably in stopping him head butt the doors to the treatment area.

Picture stolen from @Photo Quintessence

The latter incident stirred feelings of homesickness for the sanctuary of Durham Custody suite on a weekend evening! Anyway crisis over and armed with industrial strength antibiotics  we finally made it to bed at 4:58am, not before sending a couple of texts to withdraw from the 200 free.

Eventually down to business with a couple of serious swims in the 100m and 50m Breaststroke, but first there was the small matter of trying to force myself into a new racing suit, a rather fetching and unbingelike showing pink! ouch, but by heck that suit works hard in holding me in. It was probably the effect of the new suit but I suppose both swims were better than I’d expected and if I’m being realistic nothing some training wouldn’t put right, but is 8 weeks long enough?

Photo snipped from part of an image on
Photo snipped from part of an image on nicely avoid the watermarks even if I do say so myself!

TT’s trip to A&E provided me with an excellent excuse to come home early neatly avoiding the agony  of the 200 breaststroke. My impressions of the event were that despite the numbers of swimmers (0ver 700) and the number of swims (almost 3000) it moved along nicely.

Aside from Binge’s pretty modest efforts there was some fabulous swimming and some great images on the photo quintessence web site, which really capture the spirit of the meet, can’t wait for Daniel to upload the rest.

lenAlthough I’m trying to focus on the World Championships in August, I’m being a bit distracted by the thought of next years Europeans which are to be held in the Olympic Aquatic Centre in London at the end of May. The dates were finally announced on Friday and there was some initial publicity photos for the website as you can see from the first photo on here, and the CEO Tom Chambers paid a visit to pick up sone of that unmistakable Masters vibe.

I’m not sure he realises how big an event this is going to be, now there’s a challenge… come on everybody get training.

  • 600 warm up
  • 100 Breast 1:35.58
  • 200 swim down
  • 400 warm up
  • 50 breast 41.49

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