Road Trip Day 2 Blackpool……….. illuminating?

Monthly Total 62,050

Tricky day to day trying to combine keeping the February Fitness Challenge going with competing in a swim meet.

Regular readers of this column know that I generally hold the concept of warming up with a degree of disdain, however today ‘s aim was to keep the yardage up, so I found myself covering 1800 metres in two warm ups along with at least 750 metres of swim down and 900 metres of racing.

img_1673All of this swimming lark is of course rather unusual for the Bingeswimmer. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of results as quite frankly I am knackered, and laying into the red wine yesterday evening might not have been the smartest preparation.

However my 4 freestyle events were ok and even showing some signs of improvement. Also, although there was no wedgey thing on the back of the block I was persevering with the track start which seems to have improved the time it takes to actually propel myself into the water.

img_1678Not too shabby for a February swim meet although the least said about the 50 back and the 100 fly the better.

I think the one redeeming feature of the latter was the fact that I didn’t manage to get disqualified.

I’m getting a bit carried away by these competitions and I’m seriously thinking about Billingham next month. Carlisle, Blackpool, Billingham who says the life of a Bingeswimmer isn’t glamorous?

  • Feb 19th North West Masters
  • AM 1200 warm up
  • 50 back.   44.
  • 100 free  1.14
  • 400 free   5:36
  • 150 swim down
  • PM 600 warm up
  • 200 free  2:38
  • 100 fly  1;44
  • 50 free  34.45
  • 600 swim down
  • 3550 Total


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