Road Trip to Budapest: Day 4 Dobbie reunited with Gobbie

IMG_2346One of the great things about World Masters is catching up with all of your swimming mates, and I was therefore slightly surprised but delighted to reacquaint myself with Gobbie the rescue dog, who first burst onto the scene at Montreal. Dogs on the pool side are not a feature you regularly come across but Gobbie (the most photographed creature in Montreal)  see here and here.

All Gobbie fans will be delighted to know that he is now 7 years old so he’s entered the 45 – 49 years dog paddle (or if you’re American and politically correct “human stroke”) he loves flying and spent his time quietly sitting on a seat next to his mistress.

A rather slimmer 4 yr old Gobbie

Sadly I don’t know his owner’s name although I do now that she has a serious latex allergy and a fabulous taste in Crocs.

If you can’t be bothered to follow the links above I’ll summarise the Gobbie story, when I was talking to his owner she told me that he was a rescue dog and specially trained to bring her”nappy pins”. Which left me rather puzzled as to what earthy good a nappy pin could be to someone in need of rescuing?

About three days later I was informed that she suffered from a serious latex allergy and the penny dropped that it wasn’t nappy pins at all but epipens!

IMG_0201So today was Hajos A and the 100 Breaststroke and boy isn’t it hot. I was seeded 12th and managed to avoid yesterday’s paper issues and was satisfied with an 8th place finish in a time faster than Aberdeen so I can’t really grumble; except I will because they no longer dish out putty medals for the top 10 finishers, this time it’s down to the top 6.


  • 800 warm up
  • 100 breast stroke 1:32.39
  • 400 swim down





2 thoughts on “Road Trip to Budapest: Day 4 Dobbie reunited with Gobbie

  1. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR REPORTING , Verity, really good to read how well you have all been doing. Safe journey home everyone, look forward to hearing about it in Sheffield, if you still remember it all!


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