Homage to Budapest

fnaMx8MpSUiCNWBfeaO0yQHaving survived the ravages of the Christmas season, including my stint cooking Christmas dinner for 12,  a houseful of guests and three nieces and nephews under 10, I escaped this evening to catch the late public swim session at Consett.

As I parked up in the Leisure Centre at 6:30pm the place was deserted, it’s usually heaving with kids and classes and gym bunnies so I was seriously worried that I had misread the Christmas time table, because there was no one in the pool.

3027448_Carillion_Concett-Academy_Project-30-50_CN-Awards-2016No I was assured by the receptionist we’re open “there’s just one other person gone in and she ‘s just asked the same question”.

The other person sad enough to go for a swim on the 27th December turned out to be a head up breaststroker, but it didn’t matter because I grabbed one of the lanes and she selected the middle of the pool and lasted all of 15 mins, leaving me to luxuriate in a pool to myself save for three lifeguards, for best part of 75 minutes, talk about luxury swimming.

ConsettNow at the moment the name of the game is simply how quickly can I plough through this (and I know that the answer is not very) but I therefore decided to relive my summer adventures and made up a rather boring and un inspiring modified Hungarian set.

The modifications being the 1600 warm up and the 10 x 100 at the end.  (I know, I know you’d think I would have had enough of those wouldn’t you!). Boring boring but it got the job done .

The summary page of my Swim Log 4 days left and 11,336 metres to cover

The added bonus was that I was expecting to be thrown out at 8pm but then a bloke got in at 7:55 so clearly there was no rush.  5050 metres down and 11,336 metres to go.

  • 1 x 1600 warm up@ 28.20 mins
  • 1 x 800 @ 14:20
  • 2 x 400 @ 7:10
  • 4 x 200 @3:45
  • 10 x 100 @1:55
  • 50 swim down
  • 5050 metres in total

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